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Video-Trak IQ

VideoTrak-IQ is Peek's latest innovative product in the video detection line. The user friendly interface gives you the ability to easily modify the configurations of as many as 26 detection zones per channel.

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VideoTrak XCam™

VideoTrak XCam™ is Peek Traffic and Citilog’s newest video detection technology combined into one easy-to-use and powerful video detection product. Pairing the latest technology of the Peek VideoTrak family of video detection products and the innovative XCam smart ...

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Video Traffic Detection Camera

Peek's Color Video Detection Camera is a rugged, high performance video camera designed for use with the VideoTrak-IQ Detection System. Zoom and focus controls are adjusted at the cabinet via the VTIQ user interface.

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Camera Interface Panel

Peek's Camera Interface Panel (CIP) protects components inside the cabinet from electrical events that may occur outside the cabinet by providing protection in the event of an externally induced power surge. This suppresses the spikes on the camera ...

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LCD Loop Amplifiers

The ORACLE “ENHANCED” Series Loop Monitors from Eberle Design takes vehicle detection well into the 21st century. The ORACLE “ENHANCED” detectors not only indicate vehicle presence with great accuracy and reliability, but also incorporate a complete ...

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Rack Mounted Loop Amplifiers

The Call Strength Indicator provides the technician with a simple one-step method for accurately setting the optimum level of sensitivity that ensures accurate vehicle detection of all vehicles, including motorcycles and high-bed trucks. NO MORE GUESSING!

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Microwave Vehicle Motion Detector

Marlin Controls, Inc. offers our model TC26-B which is designed to detect the motion of a vehicle and then trigger the operation of a traffic controller. Based on microwave technology, the TC26-B is not affected by temperature, humidity, color or background noise ...

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Microwave Pedestrian Detector

The SmartWalk 1400 is a microwave motion detector which uses MICRO-MOTION technology to provide reliable, stable and vandal-resistant detection of pedestrians at the curbside. By combining conventional microwave detection techniques with ...

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Peek 625X Plus Vehicle Detector

The Peek 625X Plus vehicle detector detects when vehicles are present and monitors inductive loops of practically all dimensions. It can detect both parked and moving vehicles and control access. The Peek 625X Plus provides a host of settings that are adjustable using front panel DIP switches. Sensitivity is adjusted using a 10-setting rotary dial.

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Marlin Controls, Inc., founded in 1978, is a multi-faceted corporation specializing in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) . Based in Uxbridge, MA we have served all of New England, New York State and Northern New Jersey for almost 40 years.