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Pedestrian Equipment

RRFB Signals

Our RRFB provides high visibility to motorists approaching pedestrian crosswalks. The rectangular rapid flash beacon meets the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) requirements for the two / three-flash sequence.

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Polara Navigator

Rugged and reliable, the EZ Communicator is a fully integrated Accessible Pedestrian System. It offers multiple audible indications as well as a vibro-tactile indication to clearly identify to all pedestrians the information needed to navigate a crosswalk.

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Polara Bulldog

Easy to activate yet difficult to destroy, the Bulldog is tested to 300 million activations. Designed for very low maintenance and built on tested and proven technology. Wind, hail, and vibration have no negative effects. Requires a push action to activate.

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ADA Push Buttons

Pelco has a full line of pedestrian push buttons and stations with or without LED indicators and ADA acceptable plungers. Please contact Marlin Controls and a representative will be happy to assist in finding the perfect push button for your community.

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LED Pedestrian Signals

Marlin Controls, Inc. would like to introduce our line of Countdown Pedestrian Signals. Our signals have been used by many communities to make their streets safer for pedestrians. Our Countdown Pedestrian Signal will take the guesswork of when to walk.

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Audible Pedestrian Signal

The APS-10 Audible Pedestrian Signal helps the visually handicapped, senior citizens and children cross intersections safely. Working in conjunction with existing pedestrian signals, it produces a separate and distinctive sound for N.S.E.W. crossings.

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LED Signs

Marlin Controls Pedestrian-Activated Crosswalk Signs are the perfect solution for any mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalk. Our signs are available for both solar powered or A/C applications. Each sign is equipped with 8 high intensity.

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Marlin Controls, Inc., founded in 1978, is a multi-faceted corporation specializing in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) . Based in Uxbridge, MA we have served all of New England, New York State and Northern New Jersey for almost 40 years.