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Special Products


Raise the speed awareness of oncoming drivers with radar speed signs. Radar speed signs are traffic calming tools that alert motorists of their speed that can be used by cities and towns, neighborhoods, school zones, work zones, parks ...

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Surface Patrol

Marlin Controls offers the Surface Patrol, a mobile temperature sensor used to detect possible freezing temperatures on the pavement. It features a non-contact infrared sensor for measuring pavement temperature, and also measures the ambient ...

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Nitestar DMI

The days of pushing a measuring wheel are long gone thanks to the NiteStar offered by Marlin Controls, Inc. NiteStar is a distance measuring instrument (DMI) designed to accurately measure distances as you drive. The first DMIs were used by telephone ...

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ILA-550 Inductive Loop Analyzer

Marlin Controls, Inc. is proud to introduce the ILA-550 Inductive Loop Analyzer.


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AP-21 Programmable Time Switch

Marlin Controls, Inc. offers the entire family of Programmable Time Switches. The Model AP-21 is a single circuit, calendar programmable solid state time switch. It is used for switching electric ...

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AP-22 Programmable Time Switch

RTC’s commitment to manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting products has made the AP22 the industry-standard for school zone time switches. The reputable AP22 has the capacity to store the programming ...

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M2M Cellular Communication Modem

The RTC M2M is a compact communications modem that allows the user to connect an RTC Time Switch to a central computer using RTC Connect software. The M2M provides full, two-way communications from ...

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Panel Mount Flashers

Marlin Controls Panel Mount Flashers contain all flashing and load switching circuitry in a convenient to use cube style package. These flashers may be used for flashing two tungsten lamps, LED, or inductive loads.

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Illuminated Signs

Marlin Controls, Inc. LED Blank-Out Signs are an excellent way to provide clearly visible information to motorists, even in direct sunlight. Our signs are ideal for reinforcing traffic signals and minimizing undesirable motorist movements.

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Kyland-USA Ethernet Switches

The KY-3170 Traffic/ITS Ethernet switch packs a powerful set of features into an industry-standard 4-channel vehicle detector form factor. This “Green Ethernet” switch uses an astonishingly low fifteen watts or less, allowing it to be hot-plugged into any CalTrans input file (or NEMA TS 1/TS 2 detector rack) for ...

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Marlin Controls, Inc., founded in 1978, is a multi-faceted corporation specializing in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) . Based in Uxbridge, MA we have served all of New England, New York State and Northern New Jersey for almost 40 years.